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All attendees will receive a free CD with loads of examples, and a fully-illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions for the areas covered on the course.
  • It will deliver the skills and ideas to automate time-consuming tasks
  • Enable users to extract meaningful information from large data tables.
  • This coaching is targeted at financial professionals who are experienced Excel users
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  • The essential shortcuts
  • Import and link information from the web
  • Complex formulas
  • Simple method to create complex formulas
  • Analyse complex formulas
  • Array formulas
  • Question Time
  • Table design
  • Layout data for best results
  • Reorganise existing data into a workable table
  • Record macros
  • Create a macro to format a spreadsheet
  • Create a macro to add data and run calculations on a datasheet
  • Templates
  • Create a template for data entry
  • Secure the template to protect formulas
  • Control the data types that can be input on the template
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced Pivot Tables
  • Link sheets and files in Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Power Coaching for Accountants

    Microsoft Excel is the essential tool for accountants. As well as calculations, Microsoft Excel can process data and save you hours of mindless work.

    Microsoft Excel training courses are available at our state of the art training centre in Dublin City Centre or we are happy to travel to your company premises anywhere in Ireland.

    Fill out Microsoft Excel Pre-Course Questionnaire

    If you would like to have a course customised for your organisation, please contact us.
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